Lavender Fields of Provence

In summer we spend a wonderful week in Provence in the South of France. Walking through the lavender fields, smelling the scent and feeling the heat of the sun on your skin is a recommendable experience.

Lavender by Stefan Siebel on

Over time you’ll see more photos from that trip in my 500px gallery.

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Open Positions On My Team


Over the last 1.5 years my teams have been growing a lot. From only 6 developers in Europe we present now about half of the global Concur Travel Development team. We are a very international team with 10+ nationalities from across the world and we are working on some of the most exciting functionalities within Concur Travel. We use a multitude of technologies. .NET, Go, Docker and Kubernetes being among them.

If you want to be part of a growing and successful team, if you want to create a career and if you are interested in solving technical challenges in order to create business value these are the right positions for you:

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